Infinity was set up with the sole idea of being a cost effective, sustainable, transparent apparel sourcing partner to its customers. Founded by leaders who have previously worked in supply chains of world renowned brands and retailers, we brought together a passionate team that has achieved success and credibility through transparency and high work ethics in the most challenging sourcing markets.

The vision is to establish ourselves as a valuable extension of our buyers’ sourcing and manufacturing arm and build great working relationships with progressive suppliers.


Design & Co-Creation

A high level of understanding of customer’s brand DNA in sync with cost expectation and supplier capability.

Align with designer’s vision and merchant’s commercial goals to develop the right product.

Support design and sourcing teams to expedite decision making.

Share market trends and innovation.

Business Execution

Minimum benchmarks and accountabilities established across key activities.

A culture of quality enhancement and assurance.

Pro-active approach with focus on production floor solutions.

Pre-emptive approach on potential risks to business , solutions.

Effective Cost Management

Complete understanding of average minute cost by country and supplier to monitor and drive the right price.

Strategic stand with suppliers to drive efficiency improvements through better planning, process and technology.

Product re-engineering to reduce SAM.

Smart allocation based on supplier expertise and efficiency.

Speed to Market

In depth understanding of market potential and challenges in terms of fast fashion.

Introduce and execute country specific speed to market models.

Support replenishment programs on core styles based on customer’s needs and projections.

Strong relationships with local and overseas mills to align with faster lead times.

Strategic Support

Cost trend & analysis.

Continuous review of sourcing markets and pre-empt situations and manage business risks & mitigation strategy.

Share and respond to geopolitical developments that could have potential long term impact on business.

Serve as your eyes on ground and pro-actively keep you updated of all market activity.

Social Responsibility & Safety

Supplier selection and continuity is based on their mindset towards SR and safety.

Continuous engagement with ownership to maintain and enhance highest ethical and social compliance standards.

A team well versed in local laws and international compliance standards.

Regular risk analysis of our supplier base and pro-active action to mitigate risks.



The cornerstone of our existence. For us, integrity is all about keeping our commitment even after the circumstances have changed.


At Infinity we accept responsibility of our actions, we remain accountable for our results and take ownership of our mistakes.


We believe we are smart, but together with our partners and customers we will be outstanding.


We believe in doing ordinary things extra ordinarily well. Excellence to us is a never ending journey.



Maxim Jumat

Chief Executive Officer

An enriched experience spanning 30 years in sourcing and merchandising operations. A proven leader with an in-depth understanding of private brands sourcing strategies and implementation. He has led country sourcing offices for Top US retailers as JC Penney, Macys in Sri Lanka, Egypt , Bangladesh and Pakistan. Successfully managed people across different cultures and markets.


Rajesh Nautiyal

Chief Operating officer

A versatile leader with over 25 years experience in sourcing and operations across multiple countries in Asia. Rajesh has led country operations for Liz Claiborne in Indonesia and headed asia sourcing for a European retailer in Hong Kong. His sourcing experience extends to Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. He has worked with well known brands in the U.S , Europe and Asian markets.


“Changes in lifestyle and consumer behavior continues to impact the way we develop, source , market and retail. As brands and retailers revisit their corporate strategies, their manufacturing partners must respond to the ever changing business needs. With Infinity, you have a sourcing partner who will understand and support your initiatives , offer on ground expertise and collaborate with all supply chain partners for the desired execution of your strategies.”

“Our low cost sourcing and manufacturing models will provide you the value and cost effectiveness you expect from your manufacturing partners in these challenging times. In Infinity , you will find a reliable extension of your sourcing arm.”